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Latest science discoveries show us cancer can be beaten

Fight against cancer gets recognized

by Ivan Cveov, Anastasiya Yukhymchuk, Aleyna Erbay

The researches carried out by the 2015 in chemistry have not only deepened knowledge of how human body functions, but it could also lead humanity to the development of better lifesaving treatments.

Nowadays common cancer drugs damage the DNA of cancer cells, contributing to future research on better targeting and killing of cancer cells. We can get deeper understanding of the living cell functions and provided knowledge about the molecular causes of several hereditary diseases and mechanism behind both cancer development and ageing.

All those new discoveries we have thanks to Aziz Sancar and his two fellow scientists Tomas Lindahl and Paul Modrich. They received Nobel Prize in chemistry from the Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf. Three days ago, Sancar said that scientific studies will allow a better understanding of cancer as a mechanism within the next decade and that current cancer drugs had destroyed DNA repair bases before cancer cells and they were working to prevent this situation.

Sancar studied medicine and worked as a doctor in his hometown for two years before moving to the United States to pursue further studies, which took him to the University of Texas and finally to the University of North Carolina

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