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PoliticALL and information as a form of education

The evolution to which our world is constantly exposed to got to the point where it easily surpasses our level of understanding. The only way of survival in the social life of the 21st century is accommodation. It was imperative some thousand-million years ago to adapt to rudimental practices of survival, but now it is imperative to adapt to social practices without which we cannot survive in our times.

Homo novus is the human of the future, the one which synchronizes with the technological, scientific, social, politic exodus of its times. Synchronization doesn’t necessarily represent the understanding and taking of action – in the end, in the spirit of its own powers to adapt, in each era the human strived to understand and to take action in the most efficient ways, in order to solve the problems of the present.
The human of the 21st century looks for more than here and now, it strives to answer to the ‘who?’, ‘what?’, ‘why?’ and understands that our world is so interconnected that a mogul from the US can endanger a village on the coast of the Philippines, that Muslim women have a lot in common with the Chinese women, that you can read a book of an Arab author and find yourself in his words, even if you’re a Belarusian lumber. This level of understanding represents more than information.

It’s not enough to read about the fact a certain government fell, it’s important to truly receive the news. I dare to say that it has to be taken into consideration the educational side of information with which we interact. Without doubt, a lot of the things that we do daily are to take advantage of the things at hand; considering that we live in an era when the things on physical level are diminished in order to make space for other modern functions, we want to find ourselves most often in the area where we can express ourselves, explore, and think freely.

We can do that on PoliticALL. Besides the fact that it is an objective and informative space, it has an individual dimension. PoliticALL offers to oneself commented information from the fields of history, society, art, science exactly for the reason of answering to as many questions about our world and their world; about the past and the future. It is a syllogistic matter to understand the contribution brought to the new forms of informal education – formation through information. One who is informed and a click-distance from the facts and foundation of a news which he is reading in that precise moment.

PoliticALL is a special website which strives to achieve an encyclopaedical profile, having at its base the fact that no matter the particular elements of the public sphere, the political influences the entire life of one person.

This article was published under the ”Education Through Information – Hunting the Truth” Erasmus+ Youth Mobility financed by European Commission

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