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“The Future Is Now” – Tesla presents Model 3, the company’s cheapest electric car

Tesla, the electric cars provider, officially presented his latest product, named Model 3, a car which is remarkable through its cheaper price when compared with the previous products issued by the American company founded by the inventor Elon Musk, according to BBC.

Attractive price, but still not affordable

Elon Musk, who is also the CEO of the company, stated that Model 3 is “his best car from the point of view of the ratio price-quality, either speaking about an electric car or one with a fuel powered engine.” The presentation of the American company’s new electric model, much more tempting due to its reduced price when compared with the other similar cars produced right now by the company, comes at a time when the Western governments announced restrictions for cars which run on fuel. Even more, in this week the British government announced that starting with 2040 it will forbid the sail of cars that run on gasoline or diesel fuel.

The price of the new Tesla model starts from $35,000 and represents one of attractions with which the company is trying to raise a bigger market share. Nonetheless, Model 3 still costs more than the models produced by Tesla’s competitors on the market of electric and hybrid cars. The price of the electric model of Nissan Leaf starts from $30,680 and of the hybrid Chevrolet Volt starts from $34,095. Even so, Model 3 reduced the costs of the Tesla products substantially, after the prices of the previous models S and X started from roughly $80,000.

Record production planned

Tesla is planning to produce 5,000 pieces of Model 3 weekly during this year, planning to rise the production to 10,000 pieces/ week by the end of 2018. Until now, 500,000 clients have deposited revenue in order to put their names on the waiting list for Model 3. The first deliveries will be carried out by the end of 2018. If Tesla will succeed to reach its production goal and to sail all that it produced, Elon Musk’s company will become the leading one on the US market, surpassing companies such as BMW, Mercedes, and Lexus.

“In the future, the future meaning now, cars will become more and more autonomous,” announced the exuberant American businessman and inventor. The presentation of Model 3 has been created by him, while sitting at the wheel of a car during an event organized at the Tesla headquarters in Fremont, California. He also added that every Tesla model possesses the needed hardware in order to drive itself. “You can watch a movie, talk with your friends, or sleep while being taken where you desire,” added Musk.

The electric battery of the Model 3 car has an autonomy of 354 km, according to Tesla. The new model, much more affordable, represents an important step for the American company, which had to confront the reluctance coming from the buyers because of the big prices at which the previous models were sold. The market share of the Tesla company got to $49 billion in April. At the same time, Tesla is expected to present its first electric truck in September.

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