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Education through information – Hunting the Truth

In an era in which one can find information everywhere, more precisely at every click, it’s hard to make the difference between the information that matters and the one that doesn’t.

The news is shaped differently nowadays. It can be about celebrities, can be sensational, breaking, or simply about politics, history, culture. Which ones do you prefer?

The news that we are promoting derive from the information which is places in a precise space, in a precise time and which gives you the context in order to understand the world we live in. because our world is not only about Romania, about today and now. Our world has a past which left a print on the present and not less than 195 interconnected states. Romania feels more or less the effect of each past event in any of those other 194 states and the vice-versa.

The difference consists in whether we want or not to be placed in front of the done fact, or whether we want to document ourselves, to know what is happening with the external politics, in order to know how should we act when we need to take a decision. And if you’re thinking that the effects will be felt only at the level of the state, when it comes to politics, well, everything is personal. Each opinion matters and your opinion is based on concrete knowledge.

PoliticALL is a website about external politics, which has the goal of imprinting on the public opinion all the necessary information in order to have an above-media level of knowledge. One of the mottoes of the website is “Everything is politics, but politics is not everything!” It stresses the fact that politics is present in all of our actions, but it does not govern life. We must govern it. And this should be done only through knowledge!

This article was published under the ”Education Through Information – Hunting the Truth” Erasmus+ Youth Mobility financed by European Commission

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