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Volumeteer.org – being a volunteer from Australia to Zambia !

10635749_296426320530286_7593669504319131758_n“Is there anyone interested in world wide volunteer opportunities or world travel ? If you want to give a break in your busy life , there are thousands of way you could be volunteer in farms, hostel , Non-governmental organizations, families , social initiatives and sea world jobs.

Volumeteer.org is an online platform that provides you volunteer opportunities in anywhere in the world from Australia to Zambia, from China to Canada. When you go abroad, you will have a chance to work as a volunteer for Non-governmental organizations, backpacker hostels , teaching opportunities, homestays , farmstays and those who invite people for volunteer jobs with providing free food and accommodation. While working as volunteer, you will be responsible for working roughly 5 – 6 days in a week and 4 – 5 hours. Although projects widely vary, you will typically work for 5 to 32 hours a week.. Also, Volumeteer.org obviously provides projects which cover your flight tickets as well.

10462822_275079075998344_296806579327836606_nRisks of Volumeteer.org Volunteers

• It has some surprises Volumeteer.org Help exchange programs usually do not follow a prescribed formula (as compared to highly structured pre-paid Volunteer camps).Since there are many aspects of the programs and maybe you do not have any experience for your volunteer tasks. Also before sending a message to host you should check the details.some living arrangements will be more rudimentary (possibly without internet or electricity). Some labor will be more intensive and tiring.

• It can be waste of time. It depends your host but your free time may be limited.On average, you should expect to work at least five or six hours per day, up to six days per week. If your main priority is travel and exploration, it may be better to schedule trips before or after the work stay rather than on free days or weekends (you may actually want to use those free days to rest, if you’re doing manual labor the remainder of the week!).

• It can be tiring, particularly for volunteers who are more accustomed to a sedentary work environment.But just think about how great your biceps will look after a few weeks!

1502848_289412087898376_3155475905500870984_oBenefits of Volumeteer.org Volunteers

• It’s economical. One of the greatest benefits of volumeteer.org help exchanges programs is, of course, financial. By working a few hours a day (usually four to six, depending on the program style), you can earn free room and board. Considering the ever-rising prices of hotels and restaurants (particularly in more developed countries), this equals big savings for a budget traveler.

10402531_296426243863627_7459737058458000008_n• It’s educational. As with most forms of long-term travel, volumeteer.org help exchanges let you get a glimpse into another culture.Also you will see a theme of learning unexpected skills. This might include beekeeping, animal husbandry, well-digging, or whatever job your host happens to need help with that day. Let’s just hope his toilet doesn’t clog very often…

• It’s homey. In many of the volumeteer.org help exchanges hosts will offer up rooms in their homes to workers, and eat dinner with them as a family at the end of the day. If one of your goals is intercultural exchange, what better way is there to bond than over a big meal after a tiring day’s work?

• It’s everywhere! Opportunities exist on six continents, various climate zones, and in practically any language. Take your pick of your perfect volumeteer.org help exchanges destination. “

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