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How is the European Union cracking down the illegal use of weapons in Europe

Article realized by Elena Raikova

The terrorist attacks in Paris on 13 November demonstrated once again that Europe needs to respond more decisively against terrorism and to take specific measures to crack down on illegal use of weapons.

The European Commission adopted a package of measures to strengthen the fight against terrorism and illicit trafficking of firearms and explosives. The package includes two main elements: proposal for a directive on terrorism, which will help preventing terrorist attacks by preparatory actions as training and traveling abroad for terrorist purposes and by creating a plan to improve the fight against criminals and terrorists who obtain and use weapons and explosives, through more control of illegal possession and importation into the EU. А part of the plan is also to improve operational cooperation between EU and third countries so that they can fight the black market of weapons and explosives in a more efficient way.

The EU`s executives want to stop two types of automatic weapons being sold to civilians and make sure that the automatic guns found so easily online can not be put back together and reused as they were in Paris. A preposition for better traceability and an EU date base were also made in order to achieve better results.

According to Amnesty International, ISIS may have used weapons sent from Bosnia and Serbia to United Kingdom. A spokesman for the British Government said that their export regime is one of the most efficient and they are trying to do their best according to the current situation. It is also concluded that the terrorists have access to a great amount of weapons designed or manufactured in more than 25 countries.

After the attack in Paris, France is motivated to form an expert network in the Western Balkans to crack down the smugglers. Every country part of the EU is welcome to join the initiative. Serbian Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic said that Serbia had cooperated with France in investigating the origin of the weapons used in the Paris attacks. Establishing such a network is already agreed but formal details haven’t been discussed yet.

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